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Vietnamese Iced or Hot Coffee $4.95

Thai Tea or Thai Coffee

with boba +$1 additional $3.95

Coconut Juice(previously frozen) $3.95

Fresh Whole Young Coconut $4.95

Soy Bean Milk $2.75

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $5.95

Hot Premium Japanese Green Tea(pot) $3.25

Hot Jasmine Tea(pot) $2.75

Soda can

Bottled Beverages

IBC Root Beer...$2.25|Coke...$2.35|Evian Spring Water...$2.99|S.Pellegrino

Sparkling...$3.99|Ramune Japanese Soda...$2.49|Natural Spring

Water(glass)...$3.99| Aloe Drink...$1.99|Raw Organic Coconut Water...$4.95|Fresh

Orange Juice...$5|Apple/Orange Juice...$2.95

Boba Drinks $5.95

A frozen blend of tropical fruit flavors:

Mango | Taro| Papaya| Pineapple| coconut | Strawberry | Honeydew | Thai Tea | Avocado (fresh avocado +$1 additional)

Young Fresh Coconut


Fresh Orange Juice

Evian Natural Spring Water

Raw Organic Water

Vietnamese Ice Coffee

Thai Tea

Aloe Drink

Soy Drink

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